Saturday, March 8, 2014

IC4A Championships: DMR results

From left: Sophomore Mark Vuono, freshman Kyle Heubner, freshman Matt Edwards, freshman Nate Lungarini
Our indoor track season concluded on Saturday at the IC4A Championships. Because of illness to our anticipated anchor leg of Nick Salek, we made a last-minute switch by inserting our all-purpose alternate Nate Lungarini. Nate has the ability to run every leg of the DMR. So we decided to slot him into the leadoff (1200 leg) and move our planned 1200 leg (Mark Vuono) into Salek’s anchor spot. This meant a relay team of three freshmen (Nate, Matt Edwards, Kyle Heubner) and one sophomore (Vuono). The relay hung tough through the first three legs, and Mark held his own for the first half of the 1,600-meter leg before falling off the pace in the last four laps.

Kristen Traub was scheduled to run the 3,000-meter race on Sunday at the ECAC Championships, but she was scratched due to an injury. We are hopeful that she will use this time to recover and be ready and 100 percent for the outdoor track season, which starts in three short weeks at the Monmouth Season Opener.

ICAAAA Championships
Saturday, March 8, 2014
Boston University
Men’s distance medley relay
18. Marist (Nate Lungarini, Matt Edwards, Kyle Heubner, Mark Vuono) 10:28.92
Nate Lungarini, 1200 leg: 30, 61 (31), 1:33 (32), 2:05 (32), 2:36 (31), 3:09.3 (33.3)
Matt Edwards, 400 leg: 50.03
Kyle Heubner, 800 leg: 27, 57 (30), 1:28 (31), 1:59.4 (31.4)
Mark Vuono, 1600 leg: 31, 63 (32), 1:36 (33), 2:11 (35), 2:45 (34), 3:21 (36), 3:56 (35), 4:29.7 (33.7)

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