Friday, October 21, 2016

Pep in your step: Check it out!

Marist Running Alum (Class of 2016) Lizzy Peper has started her own blog called Pep in Your Step. Very proud of her on many levels -- first and foremost, that she would use a PUN for the title of her blog! Nicely done! Perhaps four years of my groan-worthy, head-shaking puns had an impact? Anyway! Although it's a relatively new blog, Lizzy's posts are already fun to read, well-written and targeting a wide audience. And oh yeah: After a bout with mono this summer, her running seems to have rebounded quite nicely based on her most recent post. Check it out at Neat!

Marcus King Band. Remember the name.

This is not a music blog, but please allow me a post about a new recording (I’d call it an “album,” but that would really date me) about which I am plenty excited. Excited. As in, listening to it over and over again in my car. It’s a self-titled release by the Marcus King Band. Remember that name. Marcus King is very young, 20 or 21 years old, but he has the musicianship of someone twice his age. This recording (purchased inexpensively on iTunes) features more than a dozen tracks with a wide range of styles. It’s never great to “compare” but for the purposes of introduction, think about the intersection of ZZ Top (hard-driving, guitar-based rock), Tower of Power or old-school Chicago (killer horn section!), Marshall Tucker Band (country-inspired southern rock with pedal steel guitar) and John Scofield (jazzy but incredible instrumental guitar). Put it all together, with my personal favorite Warren Haynes producing, and you’ve got quite a record.

Marcus King is the undisputed leader of this band, but he is not a one-trick pony. This isn’t just some blues band. It’s a BAND. Keyboards. Horns. Very proficient drums and bass. With this incredible kid leading them all. I was able to witness this first-hand this summer (see photo), at Daryl’s House Club in Pawling. At my age, this was nearly a perfect concert experience; I went with my early-morning jogging buddy The Mayor. Inexpensive ($15 tix!), small club (our seats were literally a foot from the stage), early start time (promptly at 7 p.m.), great music and a tight, 90-minute set. We drove home in waning daylight and it was not even close to a late night – we actually arrived home before the rest of the family, who were at a swim meet. Wonderful. Most summer concerts don’t even START by the time we got home, and it was more than its money’s worth. This kid can shred, and the overall sound is something that a lot of people will like. A lot. Remember the name. Kid’s got a future.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Summing up the weekend

A few random notes from the weekend:

1. We have been blessed with pretty good weather this entire XC season. Sure, it was a little wet at Paul Short -- but it's ALWAYS a little wet (or a lot) at Paul Short.
2. All other meets have featured near perfect conditions. It was a bit breezy at Albany yesterday -- but it's ALWAYS a bit breezy (or more than a bit) at Albany.
3. Speaking of "always" and "Albany" ... As a coach and an athlete, UAlbany has been a home away from home for me for more than 30 years. Going to Albany for meet is almost like a home meet. Other than West Point, there is no other "away" meet venue as close. We are very friendly with the coaching staff at Albany, and it's nice that they recognize our longstanding commitment to their home meets. Head coach Roberto Vives gave us a shout-out as he was announcing the meet over the PA on Saturday. It was their 50th annual XC invitational, and I would venture to guess that I have been there as an athlete or coach for at least 30 of them. Neat. Not to mention many track meets over the years, especially the early years of our coaching career.
4. Our results at Princeton compare favorably to the past several years. Without boring you with numbers, on the women's side if we were to have a 2014 Marist team vs. 2016 Marist team dual meet, our 2016 lead runner time beats our 2014 lead runner time. And, our 2016 team puts five runners in front of our 2014 team's #2 runner. And that 2014 team was pretty good. And that's pretty neat. Similarly, on the men's side, 2016 team puts five in front of 2014 #2. Pretty much the same deal.
5. Our men at Albany ran well when you consider that 11 of our best runners were 190 miles to the south. Our top-5 average was 26:12.4. Some years and some meets, that's our TEAM. Now, it's just a part of our team. And the majority of our Albany racers were young and returning athletes. So! This bodes well for the future.

So ... what's next as we head into Championship Season? A trip to Disney for the MAAC Championships. It's always a mixed feeling going down to see Mickey Mouse -- memorable and fun for our athletes but a bummer that we cannot travel with our entire squad.

After MAACs, we wrap up our championship season with two Van Cortlandt Park meets -- NCAA Regionals and IC4A/ECAC in November.

In the meantime? We get to enjoy a taste of some Indian Summer this week as daytime highs are going to push 80 degrees a few days. OK!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Princeton XC: Women's results

Princeton XC Invitational
West Windsor Fields
Princeton, NJ
Saturday, October 15, 2016
Women’s team standings
1-Iona 91, 2. Columbia 94, 3. Maryland 111, 4. Stony Brook 121, 5. Penn 133, 6. George Washington 188, 7. UMBC 205, 8. Monmouth 235, 9. Marist 242, 10. St. Joseph’s 272, 11. Princeton 280, 12. Sacred Heart 314, 13. American 361, 14. McNeese State 382, 15. La Salle 405, 16. UNC Greensboro 418, 17. Loyola 438, 18. Rider 457, 19. Maryland Eastern Shore 541, 20. Hofstra 549, 21. NJIT 656, 22. Cabrini 720
Women’s individual results, 6km
25. Mara Schiffhauer 22:05.6
42. Ali Bartolotta 22:27.4
52. Emily Burns 22:36.8
63. Elizabeth Wasserman 22:44.3
68. Shea Bohan 22:53.3
86. Christine Gambell 23:09.7
112. Denise Grohn 23:33.0
116. Jenna Robinson 23:33.8
129. Mariah Christian 23:45.8
130. Jordan Casey 23:46.1
141. Bryn Gorberg 23:58.7
150. Roxy Novo 24:08.5
215 finishers

Princeton XC: Men's results

Princeton XC Invitational
West Windsor Fields
Princeton, NJ
Saturday, October 15, 2016
Men’s team standings
1-Columbia 68, 2. Yale 104, 3. Penn 107, 4. Stony Brook 117, 5. La Salle 125, 6. Rutgers 188, 7. St. Joseph’s 194, 8. McNeese State 239, 9. Marist 295, 10. George Washington 300, 11. UMBC 345, 12. Maryland Eastern Shore 347, 13. Sacred Heart 357, 14. Monmouth 361, 15. American 373, 16. Rider 401, 17. Iona 482, 18. Harvard 491, 19. UNC Greensboro 509, 20. Loyola 621, 21. Hofstra 634, 22. NJIT 671, 23. Cabrini 748, 24. Princeton incomplete
Men’s individual results, 8km
41. Matt Baffuto 24:57.9
58. Saad Baig 25:08.8
72. Stefan Morton 25:15.0
75. Steven Rizzo 25:15.7
77. Dietrich Mosel 25:18.2
90. Palmer Weimann 25:27.8
94. Spencer Johnson 25:33.1
98. Riley Hughes 25:35.5
114. Steven Morrison 25:47.0
117. Joe Miller 25:48.6
124. Mike Kennedy 25:53.6
226 finishers

Albany XC: Men's results

UAlbany 50th annual Invitational
Saturday, October 15, 2016
University at Albany
Men’s team standings
1-Albany 18, 2. Manhattan 55, 3. Siena 59, 4. Marist 119, 5. Binghamton 119, 6. Colgate 168, 7. Monroe 208, 8. Albany Pharmacy 259, 9. LIU Post incomplete
Men’s individual results, 8km
9. Alex Hogue 25:34.8
25. Brian Edsall 26:16.8
26. Chris Rivas 26:18.5
28. Zach Ropes 26:23.0
32. Matt Adolph 26:28.6
34. Pat Hickey 26:40.8
37. Connor Levins 26:48.6
42. Elias Platanias 26:56.0
43. Conor Stack 26:59.3
50. Will Duggan 27:24.6
51. Dom Fortino 27:26.3
55. Eamonn Beers 27:37.9
60. Will Esposito 27:57.6
68. Eddie White 28:40.5
69. Dan Hillman 28:48.1
73. Jake Hensler 29:21.8

90 finishers

Albany XC: Women's results

UAlbany 50th annual Invitational
Saturday, October 15, 2016
University at Albany
Women’s team standings
1-Albany 62, 2. Siena 65, 3. Manhattan 77, 4. Binghamton 87, 5. Colgate 151, 6. Monroe 165, 7. LIU Post 189, 8. Marist 193, 9. Albany Pharmacy 249
Women’s 5km individual results
36. Brianne Vess 19:19.6
37. Alyssa Hurlbut 19:19.9
43. Janelle Solviletti 19:32.7
46. Boushra Belkhir 19:39.1
49. Hannah Albert 19:50.3
55. Alyssa LaFave 20:10.6
57. Olivia Lappas 20:12.3
61. Emily Franko 20:46.0
64. Jackie Bunce 20:58.2
66. Shannon Gildea 21:18.6
72. Taylor Mueller 21:35.1
73. Kristi Licursi 21:38.5
88. Katie Miale 23:25.0
91 finishers

Albany XC: Open race results

UAlbany 50th annual Invitational
Saturday, October 15, 2016
University at Albany
Jason DeJoy Memorial/The Fifth Man Open Race
5-kilometer individual results
2. Sami Ellougani 16:41
3. Brian Henderson 16:42
4. Drew Burns 16:43
8. Tanner Senius 17:39
11. Nicki Nesi (unattached) 18:51
15. Annie Gould (unattached) 19:27

Split personality

Very difficult having the team in two different venues on the same day. As we were arriving at UAlbany, getting settled, setting up the tent and picking up packets, the phone was blowing up with calls and texts from Princeton, where the team ran well. Wish I were there. But alas ... can only be in one place at a time. A good day for cross country. In New Jersey and New York. Results to follow ...

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What's next: Split squad

This weekend, we are splitting the cross country team between two invitationals -- Princeton and Albany. The meets will be on the same day -- Saturday. Here is information on both meets.

Princeton Invitational, West Windsor Fields, Princeton, NJ
Women's 6km: 9 a.m.
Men's 8km: 9:45 a.m.
Teams expected to race: American, Binghamton, Columbia, George Washington, Harvard, Hofstra, Iona, LaSalle, Loyola (MD), Marist, Maryland, Maryland Eastern Shore, McNeese State, Monmouth, NJIT, Penn, Princeton, Rider, Sacred Heart, St. Joe’s, Stony Brook, UMBC, UNCG

We will have 12 women and 11 men competing at this meet.

Albany Invitational, University at Albany
Men's and Women's Open race: 12 noon
Women's Championship 5km: 12:45 p.m.
Men's Championship 8km: 1:30 p.m.
Teams expected to race: Albany Pharmacy, Binghamton, Monroe, Albany, Colgate, CW Post, Marist, Siena, Manhattan

We will have approximately 20 men and 20 women competing at this meet in the various events.

We hope to see family and friends at either of these meets. OK!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Another sprinter goes the distance

Big shout-out to senior sprint team member Olivia Jaquith for completing the Army 10-miler on Sunday in Washington, D.C., in a very respectable time of 1:17:27 (7:45 per mile average). It was a family affair for Olivia, who described it this way via email: “My mother ran this race for the first time 10 years ago to ring in her 40th birthday.  I convinced her to run it with me this year, as she turns 50 on the 16th.  My older brother, who works at the Pentagon, ran it with us, as well.  His wife was supposed to join us, but she announced last night that they are expecting their first child, so my younger sister, Isabelle, decided at the last minute to run in her stead.’’ Remember: Olivia’s primary event is 400 meters; the Army 10-miler is approximately 40 times that in length. Molly Weeks in the half marathon last week; Olivia in the 10-miler this week. Pretty cool stuff.

Alumni racing: Deedy sips success in Vermont

Marist Running Alum Pat Deedy had a productive day at the Harpoon Octoberfest 3.65-mile road race in Vermont. Deedy ran 20:33 for the unusual race distance. He was seventh overall, second in his age group, and earned a free 12-pack, mug and refills. I guess Deedy saved the carbo loading for AFTER the race. Or perhaps? He was drowning his sorrows as his beloved Red Sox are going down in flames in the American League Division Series to the Indians. Ha!

Alumni racing: Staten Island Half Marathon

Marist alums were well represented on a blustery and rainy day. Ryan Scrudato, running for Central Park Track Club, was first in his age group and 15th overall in 1:12:23. Luke Shane, running proudly and always for the Marist Alumni Racing Team, notched a strong PR and was 39th overall in 1:16:21.

Alumni racing: Chicago Marathon

Marist Running Alum Kara Lightowler had an eye-popping 3:06:56 performance out in Chicago, good for 159th overall in the women’s race. Laura Furlong notched her second marathon finish in an impressive 4:05:01. Recent alums Mark Vuono and Ricky Willi battled through in 4:06:25, not bad for limited training due to new post-graduate jobs. Nicely done to one and all. 

VCP from a different lens

How many times have I been to Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx? More than 100 times, easily, as a coach for the past 26 years and even as a collegiate runner back in the Dark Ages of the mid-1980s. But for all these times along Broadway in Riverdale, Saturday was the first time I was there as a parent, for the Manhattan Invitational high school meet -- watching the FDR Presidents cross country team, which features a gangly senior who happens to be my son. What a great experience for these Presidents, who have emerged as a strong team in Section 9 after years of mediocrity and irrelevance. Last year, they won their first-ever Mid-Hudson Athletic League (MHAL) cross country title in 2015, hopefully the first of many. Their young coach is fiery, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He has made XC and track a cool thing to do at FDR, and the Presidents are pretty darn good. Of course, this is a biased opinion. You view things differently as a parent. But the trophies and banners are real, and naturally we are proud of this.

So yeah, it was weird being at Vanny alongside so many of my college coaching acquaintances, who were there recruiting. I suppose I should have been recruiting as well. I was wearing my Marist track hoodie, as usual. But really, my heart was not into recruiting. I was there to cheer on the green and gold of FDR. The boys did well but they were disappointed to not have done better. The 4km high school course at this meet can get clogged up quickly and early, and they weren’t accustomed to that. I’m sure they wish they could run the race over. My kid did fine; he’s the fifth or sixth man (depending on the day) on a pretty strong team. He had a nice finishing kick, passing about a dozen runners along that stretch of Broadway where I have lost my mind (and my voice) screaming at generations of Marist runners. He was bummed to have missed a medal by about two seconds, but so it goes. He and his buddies gathered for a pasta party the night before, they are gathering for a camp-out in the freezing fall darkness this coming weekend, they have run hundreds of miles together, and they are forming memories that will last a lifetime.

After the team’s race, I suppose I could have proceeded with some recruiting; there were several prospective student-athletes that I most certainly should have checked out in their respective races. I was worn out, mentally, cheering on the FDR boys. It almost felt weird and guilty to do my “job” when really my heart was more into being a neighbor and a parent. So I texted Chuck and said I was getting out of there. In a nostalgic mood, I drove over to East 239th Street in the Bronx and passed by my grandmother’s house; she’s been gone for more than 30 years. I still remembered all the roads by heart, and the rattling sound of the elevated train on White Plains Road brought me back to my youth, visiting “Nonna Subway” for Sunday dinner every week. Then, I drove across the GW Bridge to New Jersey, to visit my mother, who is an old grandmother herself now. Time marches on. The more things change, the more they stay the same. A Saturday in the Bronx, at Vanny, same as it ever was, only now viewed from a different lens.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Every day is Flag Day

This is not a political post. Let’s start right there. This is a post about a new addition to our front yard, a flag pole, with an American flag atop it, proudly displayed and flapping in the early autumn breeze at 25 feet above our flower garden. Alert blog followers (and those who have known me for a while) know that I am a big fan of Flag Day, June 14. This is not due solely to some patriotic fervor but rather to fond memories of Flag Day in my youth, which usually coincided with Field Day at my elementary school. And plus, it’s June: The days are long, the weather’s great, baseball season’s in full swing, and an American flag sure looks nice in that late spring sun. It should be noted: My father, an immigrant, was a proud Korean War era veteran of the U.S. Army, and although he never openly pushed a flag-loving mentality on our family, his service and his actions led us to a certain level of respect for what the flag stood for to him and to others who served. Again. This isn’t a political post. I support the First Amendment and the right for people in this country to express themselves as they see fit.

This is about how we got a flag pole in our yard. Our oldest son Joey, now a high school senior, participated in an American Legion program called Boys State earlier this year. He was selected to participate and to represent his school. He came back a changed young man. Joey wants for nothing. Asking him what he would like for birthday or Christmas gifts is akin to rigorous cross-examination. Eh. Well. Not much really. Maybe a Five Guys gift card or something. This makes him a bit unusual for a teenager, I think. Anyway. He came back from Boys State with a very clear mandate. If you want to get me a birthday gift, he said, I’d like a flag pole for our yard. Whoa! OK then! Heidi has Amazon Prime. Purchasing things online is a dangerously simple one-click endeavor. The flag pole was ordered. It sat in two big boxes, ominously waiting to be put together, for weeks.

I’m not the most handy guy; in fact, I’m not good at that stuff at all – you know, putting things together, fixing things, etc. But one Sunday a few weeks ago, an impossibly beautiful day, we decided it was time to put up this flag pole. Instructions were read. A few trips to Home Depot were needed – that, I can do! Cement was mixed. Tools were located. Joey put a patriotic music mix on his phone, went shirtless and dug the big hole needed to set the flag pole. Our neighbor Yancey, a contractor and true handy man, was consulted on the cement process and in other areas, and we were able to muddle through the project. Around 4 in the afternoon, we hoisted the flag up the pole. It’s a thing of beauty. Joey’s happy and so are we. We live at the end of a dead-end road, so the flag pole won’t get a lot of visibility. But that’s OK. It’s our flag pole.

This is not a political post. Let’s finish right there. But please allow me one comment: When it comes to admiring the flag, in our yard, in our family, there will not be any grass stains on the clothes in our laundry basket.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Sprinting for 13.1 miles: You go, Molly!

Congratulations to senior track team captain Molly Weeks for completing Sunday's Ridgefield (CT) Half Marathon in her hometown, in 1:55:25. Molly is a record-setting sprinter on our track team: 13.1 miles is a long way to go for a sprinter. She went the distance, and we're proud of her. Don't worry, Moll, we won't ask you to go on long runs with the XC team ... but it's nice to know that you could if you wanted to. NICELY DONE!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Lehigh/Paul Short: In pictures

Thanks to Mr. Ropes (Charlie Ropes, dad of freshman Zachary Ropes) for sharing this link with close to 100 action shots from Saturday's race at Lehigh. Click on the link to see some fantastic photos.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Paul Short/Lehigh: Men's results

Paul Short Run
Lehigh University
Saturday, October 1, 2016
Men’s Brown Race, Team Standings
1-Princeton 68, 2. Siena 195, 3. Marist 202, 4. Shippensburg 208, 5. NYU 224, 6. Haverford 245, 7. Middlebury 257, 8. Oneonta 275, 9. Alleghany 373, 10. St. Francis 399, 11. Stonehill 426, 12. Washington and Lee 432, 13. College of New Jersey 496, 14. Binghamton 500, 15. Connecticut 524, 16. Ithaca 550, 17. Wesleyan 556, 18. Nebraska Wesleyan 560, 19. Rowan 567, 20. Rider 575, 21. Southern New Hampshire 02, 22. University of Rochester 632, 23. Lynchburg 640, 24. Adelphi 641, 25. Bucknell 642, 26. East Stroudsburg 651, 27. Muhlenberg 708, 28. Johns Hopkins 710, 29. Ramapo 718, 30. St. John Fisher 730, 31. Colgate 775, 32. VCU 779, 33. Holy Cross 836, 34. Eastern Mennonite 861, 35. Trinity 873, 36. Indiana of Pa. 878, 37. Westfield State 901, 38. Swarthmore 993, 39. Widener 1032, 40. Kutztown 1063, 41. Utica 1101, 42. Loyola Maryland 1144, 43. Niagara 1202, 44. St. Bonaventure 1330, 45. Lafayette 1374
Men’s Brown Race, individual results, 8km course
17. Spencer Johnson 25:03
34. Alex Hogue 25:21
35. Matt Baffuto 25:21
49. Saad Baig 25:31
67. Steven Rizzo 25:38
69. Riley Hughes 25:39
82. Mike Kennedy 25:45
85. Dietrich Mosel 25:46
92. Palmer Weimann 25:48
98. Chris Rivas 25:50
401 finishers
Men’s Open results, 8km course
59. Stefan Morton 25:40
60. Zach Ropes 25:41
65. Steven Morrison 25:45
69. Matt Adolph 25:48
85. Joe Miller 25:55
143. Patrick Hickey 26:28
145. Conor Stack 26:30
151. Connor Levins 26:32
159. Elias Platanias 26:36
167. Omar Perez (unattached) 26:40
199. Brian Edsall 26:55
202. Ryan Fitzsimons (Central Park Track Club) 26:57
216. Drew Burns 27:04
223. Dan Hillman 27:06
247. Brian Henderson 27:17
258. Will Esposito 27:22
262. Will Duggan 27:23
306. Eamonn Beers 27:51
348. Eddie White 28:20
367. Dom Fortino 28:39
378. Jalyn Alvarez 28:49
504 finishers

Paul Short/Lehigh: Women's results

Paul Short Run
Lehigh University
Saturday, October 1, 2016
Women’s Gold Race, Team Standings
1-Yale 92, 2. Georgetown 119, 3. Penn and West Virginia 127, 5. Florida 175, 6. Villanova 176, 7. Adams State 218, 8. Cornell 219, 9. Dartmouth 249, 10. Utah State 275, 11. Brown 288, 12. UMass Lowell 424, 13. Georgia 465, 14. Iona 476, 15. James Madison 479, 16. Columbia 508, 17. Buffalo 530, 18. Maryland 541, 19. Stony Brook 546, 20. Lehigh 600, 21. San Diego 687, 22. Holy Cross 709, 23. George Washington and Williams 722, 25. Quinnipiac 774, 26. Towson 781, 27. Stonehill 830, 28. UMBC 839, 29. Connecticut 846, 30. Monmouth 910, 31. Tempo 912, 32. Marist 922, 33. St. Leo 927, 34. St. Joseph’s 946, 35. Army West Point 948, 36. East Carolina 961, 37. Canisius 998, 38. La Salle 1022, 39. UMass 1054, 40. Tufts 1055, 41. Oneonta 1066, 42. Albany 1089, 43. Rutgers 1179, 44. VCU 1187, 45. Loyola Maryland 1265
Women’s individual results, Gold Race, 6km course
159. Mara Schiffhauer 21:46
176. Ali Bartolotta 21:51
206. Emily Burns 22:05
223. Elizabeth Wasserman 22:11
252. Shea Bohan 22:25
262. Mariah Christian 22:29
272. Christine Gambell 22:34
325. Jordan Casey 22:56
355. Bryn Gorberg 23:13
372. Janelle Solviletti 23:34
Paul Short Run
Lehigh University
Saturday, October 1, 2016
Women’s Open results
64. Nicki Nesi (unattached) 22:38
69. Jenna Robinson 22:42
84. Denise Grohn 22:59
85. Bianca Luparello 22:59
114. Brianne Vess 23:26
119. Emily Franko 23:31
121. Alyssa Lafave 23:32
126. Kerri-Anne Flynn 23:35
127. Kerry Gaye 23:35
130. Olivia Lappas 23:37
133. Annie Gould (unattached) 23:39
194. Kim Schwartz 24:25
211. Hannah Albert 24:33
231. Taylor Mueller 24:49
232. Jackie Bunce 24:50
273. Ashley Wallace 25:31
285. Kristi Licursi 25:43
340. Shannon Gildea 27:05
406 finishers

Paul Short/Lehigh: What you don’t want to hear

There are certain things in this life that you don’t want to hear. Here’s one of them: The PA announcer blaring to the cross country universe at Lehigh University the following words: “WILL THE MEN’S COACH FROM MARIST COLLEGE PLEASE REPORT TO THE MEDICAL TENT IMMEDIATELY. MARIST MEN’S COACH TO THE MEDICAL TENT.” You see. We have a bit of a history with the medical tent at Paul Short, of course none of it positive. So to be summoned there once again … well, it wasn’t fun. Turns out our athletes are OK now, but there was some post-race issues with which to deal. Paul Short is a tough race. Hundreds and hundreds of runners, racing aggressively and racing hard, usually in challenging conditions – rain, mud, wind, heat, etc., through the years. Post-race issues are bound to arise; they have in the past, and they did again today. We love notoriety for our program; just not for our visits to the med tent. OK!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Paul Short/Lehigh: Race schedule

Here is the race schedule for Saturday at Lehigh for the Paul Short Run.  

9:30am Open Men’s 8k Race: We will have 21 current team members, as well as fifth-year senior Omar Perez, in this race
10:15am Open Women’s 6k Race: We will have about 18-20 current team members, as well as fifth-year seniors Annie Gould and Nicki Nesi, in this race
11:00am Men’s College Gold 8k Race: We are not in this race
11:45am Women’s College Gold 6k Race: We will have our top-10 varsity level runners in this race
12:15pm Men’s College Brown 8k Race : We will have our top-10 varsity level runners in this race

Bring your rain gear. Hope to see you there. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Paul Short/Lehigh: Team tailgate

Once again, Kathy Gould will be commandeering the Team Tailgate at Saturday's most likely soggy meet at Lehigh (it always rains there, and the forecast seems to confirm this again). Please reach out to Kathy if you are interested in contributing. Contact Kathy at or text her at 914 841 2376. Thank you. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Alumni racing: Christine wins at Schroon Lake!

Marist Running alum Christine Coughlin (now racing for Albany Running Exchange) had a monster effort at the Adirondack Half Marathon in Schroon Lake, winning the women’s race on a hilly course in 1:25:58, a more than three-minute PR from her debut 13.1-mile effort at the Walkway race (1:29:05) back in June. The hills were no problem (she texted me that they were very BEARable … note her fancy ADK-styled winning award, thus the pun) for her, as she has trained on this terrain throughout the summer. Her posted splits were 34:27, 6:46 pace, for 5 miles; 1:18:26, 6:36 pace, for 11.9 miles, and 1:25:58, 6:34 pace, for the finish. This is remarkable, as most of the serious hills are on the second half of this race. Very proud of our most recent alum. 

Alumni racing: Datos and Luke shine in the Bronx

Marist Running was well represented at the Bronx 10-miler, with Ryan Scrudato (now racing for Central Park Track Club) blitzing his patented negative-split racing style for a 14th place finish in 53:38 (27:07/26:31 splits, 5:22 overall pace). Luke Shane (now and always racing for the Marist Alumni Racing Team) was 46th overall in 57:14 (28:54/28:20, 5:44 overall pace), also a strong negative-split effort. Nicely done, men!

Alumni racing: Vess in Germany

Marist Running Alum Adam Vess cruised through his first marathon on Sunday in Berlin, running a 3:14:44. I don’t know all the details, but I think he was just filling a spot on a team (he hadn’t been specifically marathon training) and he got a nice trip to Berlin out of it. The race up front was epic, with Ethiopia’s Kenenesa Bekele running the second fastest time in history (2:03:03) for the win over former world best holder Wilson Kipsang, who was 10 seconds behind (2:03:13) in second place. Pretty cool.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

CCSU Ted Owen Invitational: Women's results

A very strong early-season day for our women's team. Our ladies ran in packs and worked together, and the results were excellent. OK!

CCSU/Ted Owen Invitational
Saturday, September 24, 2016
Stanley Quarter Park
New Britain, Connecticut
Women’s team scores
1-Vermont 50, 2. Marist 59, 3. Lehigh 81, 4. St. Francis PA 113, 5. Rhode Island 126, 6. Hartford 167, 7. Bryant 208, 8. CCSU 212, 11. FDU 328, 12. NJIT 348, 13. Wagner 357
Women’s results, 5km course
4. Mara Schiffhauer 18:01.9
5. Emily Burns 18:02.3
8. Ali Bartolotta 18:14.3
18. Shea Bohan 18:30.2
24. Elizabeth Wasserman 18:41.8
28. Mariah Christian 18:48.1
42. Bryn Gorberg 18:59.5
50. Christine Gambell 19:08.0
51. Jordan Casey 19:09.1
57. Denise Grohn 19:13.7
58. Boushra Belkhir 19:14.9
61. Jenna Robinson 19:16.0
62. Roxy Novo 19:16.2
63. Bianca Luparello 19:17.7
69. Kerry Gaye 19:29.9
77. Brianne Vess 19:40.2
78. Alyssa Lafave 19:41.7
79. Olivia Lappas 19:42.2
86. Emily Franko 19:54.9
89. Kerri-Anne Flynn 19:59.3
90. Alyssa Hurlbut 20:04.2
102. Kim Schwartz 20:32.4
103. Taylor Mueller 20:33.7
104. Jackie Bunce 20:34.2
109. Hannah Albert 20:41.8
115. Ashley Wallace 20:57.1
118. Shannon Gildea 21:16.3
125. Kristi Licursi 21:49.6
146. Katie Miale 24:00.7

156 finishers

CCSU Ted Owen Invitational: Men's results and splits

We brought a partial squad to the meet today on a glorious fall day. It's like we went to bed in the summer and woke up in the fall. Cool, crisp air. Full squad returns next week at Paul Short.

CCSU/Ted Owen Invitational
Saturday, September 24, 2016
Stanley Quarter Park
New Britain, Connecticut
Men’s team scores
1-CCSU 42, 2-St. Francis PA 50, 3. Hartford 103, 4. Vermont 117, 5. Wagner 119, 6. Bryant 159, 7. NJIT 193, 8. Marist 197, 9. FDU 267
Men’s results and splits
8,165-meter course (8,000-meter conversion)
Mile splits, 1 through 4 (thanks to Palmer Weimann)
37. Connor Levins 27:44.4 (27:10.8)
5:08, 10:26, 15:54, 21:31
40. Brian Edsall 28:00.4 (27:26.4)
5:17, 10:35, 15:58, 21:27
54. Will Duggan 28:31.7 (27:57.1)
5:18, 10:36, 16:11, 21:58
55. Sami Ellougani 28:36.8 (28:02.1)
5:10, 10:32, 16:02, 22:01
63. Jalyn Alvarez 28:58.1 (28:23.0)
5:27, 10:55, 16:35, 22:27
66. Dom Fortino 29:03.3 (28:28.1)
5:21, 10:57, 16:39, 22:32
69. Eddie White 29:12.0 (28:36.6)
5:20, 10:59, 16:47, 22:41
75. Eamonn Beers 29:31.0 (28:55.2)
5:22, 10:48, 16:41, 22:52
78. Jake Hensler 29:43.0 (29:07.0)
5:23, 10:57, 16:39, 22:32
107 finishers

Friday, September 23, 2016

What’s next: CCSU Ted Owen Invitational

The cross country team travels to Stanley Quarter Park in New Britain, Conn., on Saturday for the 14th annual Ted Owen Invitational. Race schedule is as follows:

Women’s 5km: 11 a.m.
Men’s 8km*: 11:45 a.m.

*The reason for the asterisk is the course at CCSU is definitely longer than 8km and 5 miles, and has been for a long time. The working number that we use is 8,165 meters, because we measured it with a wheel a few years ago (one loyal blog follower will surely contact me, as he gets exasperated and annoyed at courses not being measured to the “normal” exact distances). Assuming that the course hasn’t changed, that will be the number we use tomorrow. We’ll convert the finish times accordingly.

We will be running a mostly full squad for the women and a partial squad for the men. Here are the teams expected to compete:  CCSU, FDU, Hartford, Marist, New Haven, NJIT, Pace, St Francis University, SCSU, Vermont, Wagner, Rhode Island (women), Lehigh (women).

The weather looks great, cooler temperatures. It appears that today is the last of the really warm afternoon high temperatures as the autumn weather may actually start to kick in, with highs in the 60s and lows in the 30s. Hope to see some of you there at CCSU’s meet on Saturday. 

Marty in the news

Photo of Marty, from the SI Advance
When I think of the word "loyal" the first person that comes to mind is Marty McGowan. There is no one more loyal to all things running on Staten Island ... and here in Poughkeepsie, too. Marty is a loyal Marist Running Alum. More than 40 years after his days as a Running Red Fox, he remains in touch and visits our team several times a year. Check out this article about his involvement in the Tunnels to Towers 5k race, which is this Sunday. A nice tribute to a great race ... and a great man. Nicely done!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Scene from practice: Coaching STAFF

Kind of a recurring theme during the early going of cross country: The men have been finding walking sticks in the woods and giving them to me. I've got a nice collection going in the back of the gray van. Walking sticks. You know. Old guy. Prone to falling. Needs help walking on trails. Etc. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Well, on Tuesday afternoon, after a brutal Farm Lane workout, Hickey and friends returned with the Mother of All Walking Sticks -- really, a large branch from the woods. Palmer (in the background), never one to shy away from a pun, called me Teddy Roosevelt (you know, "speak softly and carry a big stick"). And Hogue, a freshman who already has sensed the need for interjecting bad puns into the conversation, asked me if that was my new coaching "staff" ... wow, good one, kid!

Scenes from practice: Turtle rescue

Fifth-year senior Nicki Nesi was getting in her mileage at Bowdoin Park on Wednesday afternoon when she happened upon this turtle, trudging dangerously close to traffic. She rescued the little guy and put him safely in the woods. Nicely done!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Dutchess County Classic: 1-2, part 2

And then in the women’s race? It was just as good! Sisters Annie and Kelley Gould ran much of the race together, with Annie pulling away for the victory in 1:33:19.70 (7:07 pace) and Kelley following a few strides later in 1:34:04.04 (7:11 pace). Both PRs. Both wonderful efforts. Annie has a few track seasons to go for us at Marist; Kelley is training well for her first marathon, at Philly, in two months. Tremendous!

Dutchess County Classic: 1-2, part 1

How cool was it to see the first two finishers in Sunday’s half marathon, with Johnny Lee cruising in like it was a normal long run from McCann, emotionless expression, working hard but in control, in 1:14:37.05 (5:42 pace). And then a few moments later, his teammate, classmate and good pal Omar Perez placing second in 1:16:42.29 (5:51 pace). Very, very neat. Both are training hard during the fall, in anticipation of their final two seasons of track eligibility in the winter and spring. Nicely done, men!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Rider XC Invitational: Wrapping it up

 A few final thoughts on the Friday afternoon meet:

--Major thanks to Bryn Gorberg's parents -- Joe and Judy -- for their wonderful post-race dinner at their house in suburban Princeton. It was very much appreciated by one and all. Nicely done!!!!!!
--Thanks to Palmer Weimann's mom, Martha, for sharing these photos from the men's race.
--On the men's side, this course has garnered a well-earned reputation as being very fast -- and in the case of last year, even slightly short of 8km. Well, this year, it was still fast -- the perfect late summer/early fall weather contributed to that. But Rider coach Bob Hamer confirmed what our runners suspected -- that the course was amended to be made longer this year. Specifically, he said it was 30 meters longer than 8km, which basically makes it 5 miles (which is about 8,045 meters). So the lightning fast times this year are even truer than last year. They are listed again here, along with the pace per mile based on 8km.
--On the women's side, the course was significantly longer this year -- 6,150 meters. Last year's course was slightly long of the standard 6km -- it ran at 6,060 meters last year. Coach Chuck converted the 6,150-meter times to 6km times, and also added the

2015 (6,060-meter) times in a chart that he will distribute to the team. The results below include Friday's times, pace per mile based on the extended distance, and the converted times and last year's times. I know. A lot of numbers. But isn't that what this sport's about?

Rider XC Invitational
Rosedale Park, Pennington, NJ
Friday, September 16
Women’s team standings
1-Richmond 41, Marist 74, 3. St. Joseph’s (Pa.) 87, 4. Temple 115, 5. Siena 117, 6. Rider 131, 7. TCNJ 154, 8. Rutgers 240, 9. LIU Brooklyn 276
Women’s individual results, 6,150-meter (3.82-mile) course
With average pace per mile; 5km conversion; 2015 time at 6,060 meters
3. Mara Schiffhauer 21:59.56 (5:45.4 pace); 17:53; NA
14. Emily Burns 22:34.04 (5:54.5 pace); 18:21; 22:43.6
15. Ali Bartolotta 22:34.07 (5:54.5 pace); 18:21; NA
19. Christine Gambell 22:54.74 (5:59.9 pace); 18:37.5; 26:44.5
24. Shea Bohan 23:12.75 (6:04.6 pace); 18:52.5; 25:06.2
25. Mariah Christian 23:17.89 (6:05.9 pace); 18:56.5; NA
32. Jenna Robinson 23:27.19 (6:08.2 pace); 19:04; 23:53.7
36. Jordan Casey 23:32.81 (6:09.8 pace); 19:08.5; 24:48.9
38. Roxy Novo 23:36.85 (6:10.9 pace); 19:12; 24:04.1
44. Boushra Belkhir 23:42.22 (6:12.3 pace); 19:16.5; NA
45. Denise Grohn 23:42.84 (6:12.5 pace); 19:17; NA
46. Bryn Gorberg 23:44.84 (6:13.0 pace); 19:18.5; NA
47. Alyssa Lafave 23:46.49 (6:13.4 pace); 19:19.5; NA
49. Bianca Luparello 23:49.63 (6:14.2 pace); 19:22.5; 24:56
56. Brianne Vess 24:14.35 (6:20.7 pace); 19:42.5; 24:06.9
60. Kerry Gaye 24:18.83 (6:21.9 pace); 19:46; NA
62. Marissa Porter 24:22.45 (6:22.8 pace); 19:49; NA
64. Emily Franko 24:23.00 (6:23.0 pace); 19:49.5; NA
83. Kerri-Anne Flynn 25:07.06 (6:34.5 pace); 20:25.5; NA
89. Olivia Lappas 25:24.37 (6:39.0 pace); 20:39.5; 25:35.5
90. Hannah Albert 25:31.78 (6:41.0 pace); 20:45.5; 24:29.4
92. Jackie Bunce 25:37.89 (6:42.6 pace); 20:50.5; NA
95. Kim Schwartz 25:43.45 (6:44.0 pace); 20:55; 24:02.9
100. Jess Howe 26:09.11 (6:50.8 pace); 21:15.5; 25:30.4
105. Kristi Licursi 26:27.57 (6:55.6 pace); 21:30.5; 27:23.8
109. Taylor Mueller 26:49.39 (7:01.3 pace); 21:48.5; 26:07.1
111. Shannon Gildea 27:10.89 (7:06.9 pace); 22:06; 27:26.7
122 finishers

Rider XC Invitational
Rosedale Park, Pennington, NJ
Friday, September 16
Men’s team standings
1-Siena 50, 2. Marist 51, 3. TCNJ 95, 4. Rutgers 101, 5. Temple 105, 6. St. Joseph’s (Pa). 167, 7. Rider 186, 8. Richmond 191
Men’s individual results, 8,000-meter (4.97-mile) course
3. Matt Baffuto 24:49.41 (4:59.7 pace)
8. Spencer Johnson 24:59.81 (5:01.8 pace)
10. Alex Hogue 25:02.93 (5:02.4 pace)
13. Dietrich Mosel 25:09.62 (5:03.7 pace)
17. Saad Baig 25:14.49 (5:04.7 pace)
18. Palmer Weimann 25:18.27 (5:05.5 pace)
26. Riley Hughes 25:24.02 (5:06.6 pace)
27. Steven Rizzo 25:24.67 (5:06.8 pace)
29. Mike Kennedy 25:28.04 (5:07.5 pace)
31. Chris Rivas 25:33.08 (5:08.5 pace)
33. Steven Morrison 25:36.01 (5:09.1 pace)
34. Matt Adolph 25:36.57 (5:09.2 pace)
38. Pat Hickey 25:39.72 (5:09.8 pace)
46. Joe Miller 25:48.87 (5:11.6 pace)
47. Stefan Morton 25:49.71 (5:11.8 pace)
48. Zachary Ropes 25:50.24 (5:11.9 pace)
53. Elias Platanias 25:56.73 (5:13.2 pace)
65. Conor Stack 26:34.79 (5:20.9 pace)
77. Drew Burns 26:54.83 (5:24.9 pace)
88. Zach Toner 27:11.85 (5:28.3 pace)
89. Brian Henderson 27:14.65 (5:28.9 pace)
96. Will Duggan 27:20.51 (5:30.1 pace)
99. Connor Levins 27:25.53 (5:31.1 pace)
101. Will Esposito 27:31.28 (5:32.2 pace)
106. Jake Hensler 27:47.62 (5:35.5 pace)
113. Eddie White 28:04.29 (5:38.9 pace)
115. Eamonn Beers 28:07.79 (5:39.6 pace)
116. Jalyn Alvarez 28:14.09 (5:40.9 pace)
129 finishers

Old coach, new coach

Whenever I go to watch my son's high school cross country meets, I try to make a point of not wearing Marist track/xc gear. That way, people don't think I am there to recruit. I'm not. I'm there to be an FDR XC parent. So as I wandered around incognito at Bear Mountain on Saturday morning, what a pleasant surprise to run into the newest XC coach in Section 1, Marist Running Alum Jackie Gamboli -- now an assistant at Edgemont. Look at her ... she even has the fancy tape stopwatch! Going to these high school meets, it's always neat to see our alums who are now coaching. It's even neater to see those alum/coaching ranks continue to grow. OK!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Rider XC Invitational: Men's results

Being edged out by one point (1 point!) is never, ever fun. Trust me. It stinks. We are not pleased with that. However! This meet showed some early-season promise, as well as some strong freshmen debut races over 8km. We have much work to do, but as a wise follower of the program noted, this is akin to Week 1 of the NFL season. No conclusions need to be drawn. Back to practice. 

Rider XC Invitational
Rosedale Park, Pennington, NJ
Friday, September 16
Men’s team standings
1-Siena 50, 2. Marist 51, 3. TCNJ 95, 4. Rutgers 101, 5. Temple 105, 6. St. Joseph’s (Pa). 167, 7. Rider 186, 8. Richmond 191
Men’s individual results, 8,000-meter (4.97-mile) course
3. Matt Baffuto 24:49.41
8. Spencer Johnson 24:59.81
10. Alex Hogue 25:02.93
13. Dietrich Mosel 25:09.62
17. Saad Baig 25:14.49
18. Palmer Weimann 25:18.27
26. Riley Hughes 25:24.02
27. Steven Rizzo 25:24.67
29. Mike Kennedy 25:28.04
31. Chris Rivas 25:33.08
33. Steven Morrison 25:36.01
34. Matt Adolph 25:36.57
38. Pat Hickey 25:39.72
46. Joe Miller 25:48.87
47. Stefan Morton 25:49.71
48. Zachary Ropes 25:50.24
53. Elias Platanias 25:56.73
65. Conor Stack 26:34.79
77. Drew Burns 26:54.83
88. Zach Toner 27:11.85
89. Brian Henderson 27:14.65
96. Will Duggan 27:20.51
99. Connor Levins 27:25.53
101. Will Esposito 27:31.28
106. Jake Hensler 27:47.62
113. Eddie White 28:04.29
115. Eamonn Beers 28:07.79
116. Jalyn Alvarez 28:14.09

129 finishers

Rider XC Invitational: Women's results

Perfect weather for an early-season/late-afternoon XC meet. Some outstanding individual performances and a strong team race for our ladies. Nicely done!

Rider XC Invitational
Rosedale Park, Pennington, NJ
Friday, September 16
Women’s team standings
1-Richmond 41, Marist 74, 3. St. Joseph’s (Pa.) 87, 4. Temple 115, 5. Siena 117, 6. Rider 131, 7. TCNJ 154, 8. Rutgers 240, 9. LIU Brooklyn 276
Women’s individual results, 6,150-meter (3.82-mile) course
3. Mara Schiffhauer 21:59.56
14. Emily Burns 22:34.04
15. Ali Bartolotta 22:34.07
19. Christine Gambell 22:54.74
24. Shea Bohan 23:12.75
25. Mariah Christian 23:17.89
32. Jenna Robinson 23:27.19
36. Jordan Casey 23:32.81
38. Roxy Novo 23:36.85
44. Boushra Belkhir 23:42.22
45. Denise Grohn 23:42.84
46. Bryn Gorberg 23:44.84
47. Alyssa Lafave 23:46.49
49. Bianca Luparello 23:49.63
56. Brianne Vess 24:14.35
60. Kerry Gaye 24:18.83
62. Marissa Porter 24:22.45
64. Emily Franko 24:23.00
83. Kerri-Anne Flynn 25:07.06
89. Olivia Lappas 25:24.37
90. Hannah Albert 25:31.78
92. Jackie Bunce 25:37.89
95. Kim Schwartz 25:43.45
100. Jess Howe 26:09.11
105. Kristi Licursi 26:27.57
109. Taylor Mueller 26:49.39
111. Shannon Gildea 27:10.89

122 finishers

Monday, September 12, 2016

What's next: Rider meet

Our second meet of the cross country season is on Friday at Rosedale Park in Pennington, New Jersey – site of last year’s MAAC Championships. The races are on Friday afternoon – women at 5 p.m., and men at 5:45 p.m. Afterwards, there will be a team dinner at the Gorberg residence in nearby West Windsor. Here is a message from the Gorbergs to one and all:

Bryn Gorberg's parents, Judy and Joe, would like to invite the Marist Cross country team, coaches and families back to their house after this Friday's Rider meet for a barbecue. The address is: 25 Ginnie Lane, Princeton Junction (aka: West Windsor). It is a 20-minute drive from the race site. Anyone interested in contributing or donating to the dinner please contact Judy Gorberg at: or text her at 609-751-2921.

Schab's back-to-back marathons

Marist Running Alum Mike Schab continued his nationwide quest for marathon dominance this weekend with back-to-back efforts – Idaho on Saturday and Montana on Sunday. Schabby knocked off Idaho with a third-place finish at the Salmon Marathon in 2:58:40 on Saturday. On Sunday, he was eighth overall in Bozeman, Montana, in 3:20:04. That makes 24 marathons total and 20 states down. Not a bad start for a very busy 32-year-old who admitted via text that he has not trained properly this year – he reports a hard-to-fathom yearly mileage total of 327 (how is that POSSIBLE!). Anyway, we remain proud of Schab, among the most loyal alums in program history, and we look forward to seeing him at Disney once again this year. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Forever Foxes: Three generations, one race

This photo! This ... is REALLY REALLY COOL. Three Marist Running Alums -- Christine Coughlin, Nick Webster, Lisa (D'Aniello) Chase. All racing for the Albany Running Exchange in today's Run for Dunkin 10k in Albany. Christine was second in the women's race in 39:11 and won a cash prize for her efforts. Yippee! She has transformed herself from a middle distance runner into a wonderful long-distance runner. Neat! Web was third overall in 35:39 and continues to excel for ARE. Lisa was fifth overall and first in the 30-39 in 41:27. Three Forever Foxes from different eras and mostly different teams, still running strong as post-graduates. The colors have changed but the pride in them remains forever. Nicely done, team!