Saturday, October 3, 2015

Paul Short: The look of greatness

Here's a photo of our varsity 9 from Friday's Paul Short team that did the following:

--Placed a program-best 14th in the Gold Race (previous best was 22nd)
--Was led by Kristen Traub’s 21:26 for 6km XC (a school record)
--Had four women break 22-minute barrier for 6km XC (a school record)
--Had nine women break 23-minute barrier for 6km XC (a school record)
--Had 16 women break 24-minute barrier for 6km XC (a school record)

From left to right: Emily Burns, Nicki Nesi, Mara Schiffhauer, Jenna Robinson, Elizabeth Wasserman, Annie Gould, Kristen Traub, Kim Schwartz, Ashley Wallace. 

Nicely done, ladies!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Paul Short Run: Women's results

Along with Kristen Traub's school record, our women placed 14th overall in the Gold Race, easily topping our best finish in the Gold Race in school history. The previous best was 22nd in 2009, when Brittany Burns led the way with a then-school record 21:30 for 6km. Now, her cousin Emily Burns, a freshman on our team, was a key member of our varsity team that exceeded that excellent 2009 team standard. Pretty cool.
Paul Short Run
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
Friday, October 2, 2015
Women’s Gold Race, Team Standings
1-Guelph 105, 2. Cornell 155, 3. Johns Hopkins 180, 4. Connecticut 181, 5. James Madison 210, 6. Bowling Green 225, 7. UAlbany 263, 8. Buffalo 314, 9. Navy 323, 10. Quinnipiac 350, 11. Xavier 354, 12. Queens 360, 13. George Washington 392, 14. Marist 402 (highest finish in school history; previous best, 2009, 22nd with 577 points), 15. Maryland 429, 16. Tufts 473, 17. Williams 494, 18. South Carolina 497, 19. Middlebury 510, 20. UMBC 519, 21. East Carolina 546, 22. Holy Cross 581, 23. Rutgers 587, 24. Delaware 592, 25. Rider 605, 26. SUNY Oneonta 619, 27. UMass 626, 28. American 719, 29. Temple 734, 30. Saint Leo 741, 31. Lehigh 780, 32. Loyola 877, 33. VCU 912, 34. Lafayette 1050, 35. LaSalle 1050
Women’s Gold 6km individual results
44. Kristen Traub 21:26 *school record, old record 21:28 by Michelle Gaye, 2014, NCAA Regionals
77. Mara Schiffhauer 21:49
79. Elizabeth Wasserman 21:50
97. Emily Burns 21:59
126. Nicki Nesi 22:16
193. Jenna Robinson 22:45
210. Ashley Wallace 22:51
221. Annie Gould 23:02
304. Kim Schwartz 24:40
312 finishers
Women’s open 6km results
25. Janelle Solviletti 22:45
36. Mariah Christian 22:54
53. Christine Coughlin 23:13
56. Brianne Vess 23:15
62. Roxy Novo 23:22
83. Shea Bohan 23:42
84. Hannah Albert 23:44
91. Jordan Casey 23:51
112. Jessica Howe 24:09
122. Emily Franko 24:23
127. Bianca Luparello 24:27
132. Lizzy Peper 24:30
140. Jaime Durso 24:37
298 finishers

Paul Short Run: Men's results

The Brown race was the most competitive that I can remember. Our top-5 spread was a remarkable eight seconds (8 seconds!). That's a pack.
Paul Short Run
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA
Friday, October 2, 2015
Men’s Brown Race, Team Standings
1-Shippensburg 57, 2. Columbia 81, 3. Haverford 94, 4. Army 123, 5. Penn 144, 6. Allegheny 203, 7. Wesleyan 304, 8. Bates 340, 9. Siena 330, 10. Colby 338, 11. Marist 341, 12. Quinnipiac 394, 13. SUNY Oneonta 437, 14. Ramapo 486, 15. Fairfield 498, 16. Christopher Newport 535, 17. Colgate 557, 18. East Stroudsburg 575, 19. Rider 582, 20. Bryant 592, 21. Connecticut College 606, 22. Kutztown 620, 23. Lafayette 625, 24. Bucknell 648, 25. Adelphi 691, 26. Widener 707, 27. Keene State 712, 28. St. Francis PA 731, 29. Swarthmore 766, 30. Coast Guard 804, 31. SUNY New Paltz 820, 32. West Chester 889, 33. Loyola 897, 34. Westfield State 927, 35. Susquehanna 941, 36. Niagara 950, 37. Wheeling Jesuit 1043, 38. St. Bonaventure 1128, 39. VCU 1141
Men’s Brown 8km results
57. Spencer Johnson 25:39
63. Dietrich Mosel 25:41
65. Brian Edsall 25:42
80. Palmer Weimann 25:47
81. Matt Baffuto 25:47
94. Johnny Lee 25:53
122. Riley Hughes 26:05
132. Pat Rynkowski 26:11
158. Steven Rizzo 26:22
169. Joe Miller 26:28
353 finishers
Men’s open 8km results
25. Mark Valentino (unattached) 25:54
59. Stefan Morton 26:34
65. Mike Kennedy 26:38
73. Saad Baig 26:42
91. Omar Perez 26:51
126. Sami Ellougani 27:13
127. Mark Vuono 27:13        
159. Ricky Willi 27:37
217. Eddie White 28:38
318 finishers

Paul Short Run: Kristen Traub, 6km school record!

The big individual highlight of the day was senior captain Kristen Traub's time of 21:26 in the Women's Gold Race, which Coach Chuck says is a school record for 6km XC. It beats out Michelle Gaye's outstanding 21:28.00 from last fall at NCAA Regionals, when Michelle cracked the top 50. I will admit to still not being too well versed in the women's 6km times. I will say this! Kristen ran a strong and tough race, placing 44th in the Women's Gold race. Our team was 14th in the Gold Race, which I am pretty certain is the highest finish in school history for our women in that division. Nicely done, Kristen and Ladies!

Paul Short Run: Monmouth in March?

Well. The weather was pretty dreadful out there at the Paul Short XC Run at Lehigh this morning and afternoon. Wind-driven rain. Chilly temperatures. Wait. Doesn't this sound like the Monmouth Season Opener outdoor track meet in March? It sure felt like it, with a dose of wet grass and mud. Yeah. It was ugly out there. It was cross country out there. Spike up and go. Strong day for the program, especially on the women's side. Allow me to dry out and sort through these results, as we endure a soggy bus ride home with a faulty window defogger, making a slow go even slower. OK!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Paul Short Run: Tailgate planned

Sorry for the delay in posting this. Kathy Gould will once again commandeer the team tailgate efforts for Friday. Please reach out to her at to coordinate and contribute. Thank you.

Paul Short Run: Time schedule

Here is our race schedule for Friday at Lehigh.
Men's Open 8km: 9:30 a.m.
Women's Open 6km: 10:15 a.m.
Women's Gold 6km: 11:45 a.m.
Men's Brown 8km: 12:15 p.m.

Paul Short Run: Weather or not

As we prepare for the Paul Short Run at Lehigh on Friday, our thoughts turn to the weather as they usually do with this meet. Seems we are frequently dealing with challenging weather conditions at Lehigh -- two years ago, it was the extreme heat, many other years it has been the rain. Rain is in the forecast, on and off, for the better part of the next week. Friday's forecast in Bethlehem, PA, looks to be breezy, damp and chilly. Hey. It's cross country. It's the same for everyone. Gotta deal with it.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Alumni racing: Bronx 10-miler

Why are these guys smiling? Well. First of all, they are BROs, for sure. But more importantly, the three amigos had strong performances at Sunday morning's Bronx 10-mile road race. Conor Shelley (left, racing for NYAC) was 10th overall in 52:07, with 5-mile negative splits of 26:23/25:44. Ryan Scrudato (right, racing for Central Park Track Club) was 24th overall in 55:22, with 5-mile negative splits of 28:00/27:22. Luke Shane (middle, racing for Marist Alumni Racing Team) was 35th overall with 5-mile splits of 28:41/28:08. Luke's second 5-mile split would be a PR, but as we know "splits don't count" for PRs. Perhaps we can make an exception in this case? Regardless! This is some great running from some great guys, and we are proud of them all. OK!

Alumni racing: The most unlikely marathoner

A former member of our track team, an alumni who still holds track school records in several events, completed his first marathon today. Now. If you take that sentence on its face, literally, it doesn't sound all that noteworthy. So many members of our Alumni Track Family have successfully tackled the marathon distance.

But! When you consider that the alum, a loyal and honored member of the Marist Track Family, is the school record holder in the indoor and outdoor shot put and the indoor 35-pound weight throw -- and now he is a MARATHON FINISHER -- wow, that's pretty remarkable, isn't it.

That's right! Adam Waterbury, former lineman on the Marist football team, former excellent thrower on the Marist track team, completed his first 26.2-mile race. And, Adam picked a pretty difficult place to do it, completing the hilly Adirondack Marathon in 4:28:29, an average of 10:15 per mile. Adam is now 33 years old, married, with a young child, and coaching track down in Westchester County. And now? He can add "marathon finisher" to his already impressive resume (photo to the left is Adam at mile 25). Nicely done, Adam!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

CCSU/Ted Owen: Men's results and splits

CCSU Ted Owen Invitational
Stanley Quarter Park, New Britain, CT
Saturday, September 26, 2015
Men’s individual results, 8,165 meters (with 8,000-meter conversion time)
and individual mile split times
7. Steven Morrison 27:06.4 (26:33.5)
5:01, 10:25, 15:48, 21:25
10. Patrick Ginty 27:21.1 (26:47.9)
5:05, 10:32, 15:56, 21:47
13. Jake Hensler 27:36.5 (27:03.0)
5:05, 10:35, 16:02, 21:56
17. Patrick Hickey 27:52.3 (27:18.5)
5:05, 10:37, 16:10, 22:01
27. Dom Fortino 28:13.8 (27:39.6)
5:08, 10:57, 16:32, 22:25
31. Dan Hillman 28:21.4 (27:47.0)
5:08, 10:55, 16:37, 22:31
32. Eamonn Beers 28:23.1 (27:48.7)
5:09, 10:48, 16:30, 22:29
33. Charlie Ropes 28:24.7 (27:50.3)
5:09, 10:53, 16:39, 22:34
35. Tanner Senius 28:29.4 (27:54.9)
5:12, 10:59, 16:49, 22:42
38. Brian Henderson 28:35.6 (28:00.9)
5:12, 10:59, 16:45, 22:43
41. Drew Burns 28:40.6 (28:05.8)
5:19, 11:06, 16:52, 22:47
43. Will Duggan 28:44.2 (28:09.4)
5:12, 10:59, 16:43, 22:42
84 finishers
Men’s team standings, overall
1-CCSU 32, 2-Hartford 55, 3-Marist 69, 4-Stonehill 102, 5-Army Prep 146, 6-NJIT 154, 7-Cobleskill 180, 8-New Haven 219, 9-Queens 229, 10-Dowling 289
Men’s team standings, Division 1

1-CCSU 29, 2-Hartford 45, 3-Marist 56, 4-NJIT 103

CCSU/Ted Owen: Women's results and splits

CCSU Ted Owen Invitational
Stanley Quarter Park, New Britain, CT
Saturday, September 26, 2015
Women’s individual results, 5,000-meter course
with mile split times
8. Kim Schwartz 19:04.8
6:00, 12:34
13. Roxy Novo 19:25.0
6:00, 12:34
16. Shea Bohan 19:29.4
6:01, 12:34
19. Brianne Vess 19:37.5
6:02, 12:49
25. Hannah Albert 19:50.1
26. Jordan Casey 19:51.1
6:13, 12:54
29. Bianca Luparello 20:00.4
30. Emily Franko 20:02.0
6:13, --
31. Jess Howe 20:06.2
6:13, 13:01
33. Lizzy Peper 20:12.5
6:13, 13:08
36. Jaime Durso 20:19.4
6:18, 13:08
39. Taylor Mueller 20:29.5
6:05, 13:08
40. Jackie Bunce 20:30.2
6:18, --
44. Olivia Lappas 20:38.1
47. Shannon Gildea 20:46.8
6:25, 13:28
52. Christine Gambell 21:02.2
6:13, 13:25
57. Catherine Ferreri 21:30.3
6:31, 13:56
58. Mariella Bilello 21:31.0
6:29, 14:00
59. Allie Dellicarri 21:40.3
6;25, 13:56
62. Kristi Licursi 21:43.8
6:25, 14:05
87 finishers
Women’s, team standings, overall
1-Stonehill 35, 2-Rhode Island 55, 3-Marist 80, 4-CCSU 81, 5-New Haven 150, 6-Hartford 157, 7-Cobleskill 188, 8-NJIT 232, 9-Queens 242
Women’s team standings, Division 1

1-Rhode Island 36, 2. Marist 48, 3-CCSU 48, 4-Hartford 98, 5-NJIT 144

CCSU/Ted Owen: General comments

On the bus ride back from Stanley Quarter Park in New Britain, CT, right now. A glorious early fall day for XC. We knew there was change in the wind, literally, when we stepped off the bus to cooler breezes than we have felt all season. It was perfect for a nice cross country meet. The CCSU course is excellent for spectators. There are two loops -- the "Pond" loop and the "Woods" loop. The pond loop is basically flat and winding around a pond; the woods loop features a steep uphill, followed by a steep downhill, with some uneven footing -- true cross country. It's kind of like a figure 8, so we can see our runners frequently and get mile splits for all races. Good stuff!

The women run the pond loop, followed by the woods, followed by the pond. The men run the pond, woods, pond, woods, pond. The women's course is spot on 5k and relatively fast. The men's course is a bit long and a bit more challenging -- especially climbing that woods loop a second time.

Both teams finished third, with our athletes getting great racing experience. In particular, our young men's squad got some excellent competition and fought for scoring spots that they often would not have an opportunity to do. We ran a group of six freshmen, four sophomores, one junior and one senior. For the women, the splits were 10 juniors, four freshmen, three sophomores and three seniors. A good day's work at a great meet. Results to follow.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Congrats to Alexia Santiago!

We are very proud of Marist Track Alum Alexia Santiago, who was honored with the above award. Alexia was a wonderful leader of our community service initiatives during her time on the team, but especially during the Spring 2015 semester. Great to see her efforts -- on and off the track -- have been honored.

Rizzo honored

Before the month comes to a close, we wanted to make sure to note that sophomore XC runner Steven Rizzo was chosen by the Center for Student-Athlete Enhancement as the male Student-Athlete of the month. Here is Rizz posing in front of the announcement in the Enhancement Center.

A nice view of Nice

Thanks to junior Bryn Gorberg for sharing this photo from a beach in Nice, France, where she was traveling recently. Bryn is studying aboard in Paris, and she is taking advantage of her stay by traveling throughout Europe. She has made sure to run in all of the places she is visiting, and she has kept up with her training despite all the travel. We look forward to her return at the end of the calendar year.

What's next: CCSU meet

Our next cross country meet will be Saturday at Stanley Quarter Park in New Britain, Conn., where Central Connecticut State University will host the Ted Owen Invitational. We will be bringing a partial squad of racers for men and women, with the men's race starting at 11 a.m. and the women's race starting at 11:45 a.m.

Men's 8km (actually closer to 5.1 miles): 11 a.m.
Women's 5km: 11:45 a.m.

Hope to see you there.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekend racing: Dutchess County Classic

Congrats to appropriately attired Marist Running alums Kelley Gould and Billy Posch, who both ran great races at the Dutchess County Classic Half Marathon on Sunday. Bill was second overall in a personal-best time of 1:15:08. Kelley was second in her age group in an excellent time of 1:37:35. Nicely done!

Weekend racing: Lou Caporale, 50 miles!

Congrats to Marist Running Alum Louis Caporale for completing his first ultra marathon run on Saturday in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Louis placed third overall (thus the hardware) in the Free To Run 50-mile trail race, on terrain he called the toughest he has ever witnessed. How tough was it? Well, there were only five finishers in the 50-miler, and 12 DNFs. Lou said he was in second place until the later stages of the race, when he was passed by the eventual runner-up. Lou completed the race in 11:29:16. The event was the third in the BURCS Bad Ass Ultra Series, put on my our friends at Berkshire Ultra Runners for Community Service (alert team members will note the BURCS bumper stickers on my car). Congrats, Louis!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rider Invitational: Men's results

Rider Invitational
Saturday, September 19, 2015
Rosedale Park, Pennington, New Jersey
Men’s individual results, 8,000-meter course
2-Johnny Lee 24:48.83
14-Dietrich Mosel 25:05.97
15-Spencer Johnson 25:07.45
18-Riley Hughes 25:10.37
20-Brian Edsall 25:14.19
28-Palmer Weimann 25:25.02
29-Matt Baffuto 25:25.19
30-Steven Rizzo 25:25.36
38-Pat Rynkowski 25:35.63
42-Joe Miller 25:38.70
59-Omar Perez 26:15.48
61-Steven Morrison 26:16.80
68-Michael Kennedy 26:25.36
69-Mark Vuono 26:26.62
76-Sami Ellougani 26:37.28
77-Stefan Morton 26:38.03
81-Patrick Hickey 26:43.29
82-Saad Baig 26:44.38
85-Dom Fortino 26:50.02
90-Jake Hensler 27:00.54
91-Eamonn Beers 27:01.19
92-Dan Hillman 27:03.00
97-Will Duggan 27:11.15
102-Ricky Willi 27:28.30
104-Tanner Senius 27:36.31
108-Eddie White 27:44.73
109-Drew Burns 27:47.11
116-Brian Henderson 28:13.01
119-Charlie Ropes 28:17.33
Men’s team standings
1-Monmouth 42, 2-Marist 65, 3-TCNJ 76, 4-Quinnipiac 111, 5-Siena 111, 6-Rutgers 127, 7-Fairfield 207, 8-Manhattan 208, 9-FDU 246, 10-St. Peter’s 318

Rider Invitational: Women's results

Rider Invitational
Saturday, September 19, 2015
Rosedale Park, Pennington, New Jersey
Women’s individual results, 6,000-meter course
2-Kristen Traub 21:42.9
10-Emily Burns 22:43.6
11-Nicki Nesi 22:44.4
17-Elizabeth Wasserman 22:54.9
27-Ashley Wallace 23:22.6
43-Jenna Robinson 23:53.7
46-Annie Gould 23:57.1
50-Kim Schwartz 24:02.9
51-Roxy Novo 24:04.1
53-Brianne Vess 24:06.9
60-Christine Coughlin 24:15.9
69-Hannah Albert 24:29.4
77-Lizzy Peper 24:46.2
79-Jordan Casey 24:48.9
83-Bianca Luparello 24:56.0
87-Shea Bohan 25:06.2
93-Jaime Durso 25:25.3
95-Jess Howe 25:30.4
98-Olivia Lappas 25:35.5
104-Taylor Mueller 26:07.1
115-Christine Gambell 26:44.5
124-Allison Dellicarri 27:15.2
126-Kristi Licursi 27:23.8
127-Shannon Gildea 27:26.7
134-Catherine Ferreri 27:51.1
Women’s team standings
1-Quinnipiac 49, 2-Marist 67, 3-Monmouth 67, 4-Rider 94, 5-Manhattan 120, 6-TCNJ 145, 7-Siena 172, 8-Fairfield 233, 9-FDU 266, 10-St. Peter’s 316

Rider Invitational: General comments

Thanks to Bob Hamer and his staff at Rider for putting on an excellent early season invitational and for allowing us the opportunity to race on the course that will host the MAAC Championships next month (on Halloween!). The park is beautiful, and so is the course. Hamer measured the course on Friday and determined that the women's course is 60 meters longer than the advertised 6,000 meters, and the men's course is 60 meters shorter than the advertised 8,000 meters. For those keeping score at home, that means the women's times are about 12-15 seconds slower than their 6km equivalent on the course, and the men's times are about 12-15 seconds faster than their 8km equivalent on the course. Translation: Subtract 12-15 seconds from the posted women's times, and add 12-15 seconds from the posted men's times. I will do the math on our meet results later.

Today, the men's race ran fast because the conditions were decent (warm and overcast for most of the race), but the women's race ran a bit slower because the sun started blazing and it got quite warm during the race -- a late-summer trend for the past few weeks. Overall, we got what we wanted out of this: Getting our eyes and our feet on the course, so that we know what to expect and how to improve on these results the next time we return here. In that sense, it was well worth the trip to the Garden State today. OK! Results to follow.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The shoes fit!

This photo of senior XC runner Nicki Nesi proves a few things, in no particular order:

1. I'm terrible with a cell phone camera. This, of course, is no surprise.
2. Timing is everything. Or, it isn't.
3. Sometimes, you just get lucky.

OK. Here's the story. Nicki was looking for me before afternoon practice. "Pete! I need to look through the pile of shoes in your office. I forgot my sneakers at home." Oh. Really? Well. As we mentioned in a recent post, all those shoes were finally removed from the office just last Friday. And as also mentioned in the recent post, a new wave of donations started coming in. Now. When I say "wave" I really should say "trickle" as there were only 3 or 4 old pairs in there. Nicki needed a pair for the day. She lives off campus. She needed women's size 7.5. Voila! Amazingly, she was in luck! She got this pair from the small (but hopefully growing) scrap heap and was smiling and on her way. The shoes fit!

Tailgate at Rider meet on Saturday

Our next meet on the schedule is the Rider Invitational on Saturday, to be held on the same course as the MAAC Championships – Rosedale Park in Pennington, New Jersey, which is near Rider’s campus. Race times are men’s 8km at 10 a.m. and women’s 6km at 11 a.m. As per our custom, our parents are planning a tailgate at the meet. Kathy Gould will be coordinating again, and we are forever grateful for this. Please e-mail her at to let her know what you will bring. It’ll be an early bus departure. We look forward to seeing everyone there on Saturday morning.    

An alarming "office"

The Fire Inspector was patrolling around the McCann Center late last week for the annual inspection of our Athletics Home. Our excellent facilities coordinator made us aware of this, and noted that we should make sure we are up to code in terms of not using unauthorized extension cords, or anything else that might pose a “fire hazard.” My “office” in the McCann Center is more like a storage shed, a repository for old sneakers (which, for those keeping score at home, go to a very worthy charity organization), bags of Gatorade, cones, measuring wheels, and boxes of gear that are in varying states of being handed out to the team. This “office” got the attention of the Fire Inspector, who deemed that the chaotic mess needed to be tidied up a bit. There you go! Track Office = Fire Hazard. The alarming truth. Being a Rule Follower by nature, I remedied this situation in less than 24 hours by doing the following:

--Handed out gear to the track team, and then had them store the leftover boxes in our storage area (side note: This area is not the most tidy either, but I guess it did not warrant alarm)
--Called my Friendly Shoe Donation lady, who gladly obliged by coming by on Friday morning to get the overflow boxes of shoes for her Dimes For Downs Foundation. Always great to see Kim and her energetic son Matthew, back behind the McCann Center, where we do the Shoe Handoff a few times each year. (Side note: Thanks to Omar Perez and Matt Baffuto for helping me lug the boxes and boxes and bags and bags of shoes down the stairs and into the car).

So now the track “office” is a less cluttered version than last week. Of course! Within moments of cleaning the “office” out, I started receiving more shoe donations. “Sorry to burden you” was the general sentiment as more old sneakers found their way into the “office” … but it is hardly a “burden” to collect the old shoes, even if it means being put on notice for a few minutes by a well-meaning Fire Inspector. Keep the old sneakers coming, and I’ll keep the “office” as clutter-free as possible (yeah right). OK!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Game face at practice

Sunday morning practice. Racquetball court. Oftentimes, a pretty sleepy and subdued start to the day for our young harriers. Today, it became Revis Island, haven to rabid Jets fans -- including Ginty (left) and Stefan (right) wearing their best game faces at 10 a.m. In the background, a clearly disinterested Joe Miller is, well, clearly disinterested. The Jets beat the Browns pretty soundly in their Week 1 matchup. But! Before you get too excited, the Jets have a pretty good Week 1 record over the past several years. And we all know how THAT has worked out. For the record? I'm not much of a football fan, so I have no strong interest (for or against) with the Jets. However, for the sake of our rabid Jets' fans in the audience (Schabby? Cuesta? Others?): J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Postcard from Paris

Thanks to Bryn Gorberg for sending along this awesome photo of her and teammate Jenn Horner, both of whom are studying abroad in Paris. They are getting their training in, with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop. Bryn has been staying in touch via that archaic form of communication called e-mail, and it sounds like their training is going well over there. Amazingly (to this old guy), she has been able to communicate with Coach Chuck by text message via iMessage when she has wifi. Since I don't have an iPhone, this is not an option, but I still prefer email anyway. Here's hoping they continue to have a great experience in Paris.

Remembering 9/11

It's been 14 years, but the memories are still vivid on that impossibly beautiful Tuesday morning that turned dark and dusty in an instant. This is a photo posted on Facebook of Marist Class of 1986 classmate Vinny Kane, one of the many FDNY heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice on that day. I didn't know him well, but he was part of a circle of rock n roll buddies back in the day, so we definitely hung together on a regular basis. Although this post is a day late, it is my hope that we all pause to remember and to never forget everyone who lost their lives on that day, but especially Vinny and all those in FDNY, who we honor with these lyrics from Bruce Springsteen:

"Love and duty called you someplace higher
Somewhere up the stairs, into the fire 

May your strength give us strength 
May your faith give us faith 
May your hope give us hope 
May your love give us love"

One more Saturday morning ...

Sleep in on a Saturday? In the fall? Hahahahahahaha!

Oh. Sure. We don't have a meet this week, a "bye" week in the vernacular of other, more popular fall sports. But there is no "bye" week in our house, where my oldest son Joey runs cross country for FDR High School. Like most cross country teams, he had an early bus departure for an away meet. Being an Early Morning Guy, I gladly volunteered to car-pool the gang up to the darkened high school parking lot. The Presidents have great promise for this fall, and it will be fun to see how these young men do this year. They are blessed with a young, enthusiastic coach (as he likes to bellow out enthusiastically: HERE WE GO!) who has the entire program pointed in a positive direction.

So, while many have sung about "One More Saturday Night" in the past, this is just One More Saturday Morning -- a little Stewart's coffee, a little sports talk, and away we go ...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Kristen Traub: MAAC Runner of the Week!

See this link for a story on senior captain Kristen Traub, who was named MAAC XC Runner of the Week. Coach Chuck and I are very proud of her efforts and we look forward to a great senior year for her. Nicely done, Kristen!

Dog days

I make a mental note to myself often, not to include weather complaints in these posts. I mean, you can always talk about the weather, usually in whining tones. And really. What does that accomplish? Sometimes, however, exceptions need to be made. This late summer heat wave has really taken a toll. Tuesday's Farm Lane practice was brutal. Our men and women mostly got through it, but it was not easy as the "real feel" soared to 100 degrees (the actual high for the day was 97, breaking the previous day's record by 5 degrees!). We loaded up two coolers of Gatorade and two coolers of water, one stationed in a van on each end of the trail. Still, it was hot, and still our runners suffered out there.

This morning, our women's XC team smartly met at 6:30 a.m. for their run, thereby avoiding the heat of the day. Of course, 6:30 a.m. is Prime Time for me, so I was in an upbeat mood when I met the generally upbeat ladies to send them out the door. The poor freshmen, though! The dorms have no air conditioning and the conditions are extreme in the Sweat Boxes known as Champagnat Hall, Leo Hall and Sheahan Hall. Much like big cities during heat waves, Marist offered their version of "cooling stations" -- common areas such as the dining hall, library, student center, etc. -- where weary and sweaty freshmen could literally chill out. So the choices were not appealing: Sleep in your dorm room, in a puddle of sweat, or flop like a stranded airline passenger in a cooler common area on campus. Fortunately for the freshmen and for us all, the heat will break with a vengeance on Thursday as storms are forecast to roll in and bring September back where mid-July and August "dog days" weather has been.

The "dog days" just concluded at our house, where we "dog sat" for my friend Artie and family's big, slobbering and loving chocolate Lab named Bella. Bella and our dog Sammie definitely bonded during this time, although Sammie's youthful exuberance was sometimes too much for Bella, whose usual day includes a lot of lying around, panting and sleeping. She's a 9-year-old old lady and she needs her rest; Sammie is still a restless, 14-month old girl.

So while it won't be long before I'll be complaining about the cold and the rain and the snow and the ice, the departure of these "dog days" will be a welcome relief.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Home meet: Women's results

Marist Season Opener
Saturday, September 5, 2015
Vassar Farm
Poughkeepsie, NY
Women’s individual results, 5-kilometer course
(Marist times in BOLD with 2014 time in parentheses)
1-Kristen Traub (Marist) 17:50.6 (18:24.34)
2-Mara Schiffhauer (Marist) 18:29.1 (18:59.22)
3-Becky Celorio (Hofstra) 18:31.6
4-Emily Burns (Marist) 18:35.8
5-Rachel Garn (Iona) 18:52.3
6-Nicki Nesi (Marist) 18:59.6 (19:45.30)
7-Elizabeth Wasserman (Marist) 19:04.3
8-Janelle Solviletti (Marist) 19:10.5 (19:29.98)
9-Kathleen Woods (Fairfield) 19:14.7
10-Ashley Wallace (Marist) 19:23.3
11-Felicia Banda (Hofstra) 19:30.6
12-Jenna Robinson (Marist) 19:34.8 (19:43.12)
13-Mariah Christian (Marist) 19:37.8 (19:51.32)
14-Angelica Peck (Hofstra) 19:47.7
15-Annie Gould (Marist) 19:49.3 (20:04.38)
16-Danika Jensen (Iona) 19:53.2
17-Kara McKenna (Iona) 19:55.6
18-Brianne Vess (Marist) 19:58.6 (20:05.15)
19-Bianca Luparello (Marist) 19:59.0 (20:56.53)
20-Shea Bohan (Marist) 20:01.9
21-Emily McLean (Hofstra) 20:04.8
22-Roxy Novo (Marist) 20:22.4 (20:18.29)
23-Jordan Casey (Marist) 20:28.2
24-Hannah Albert (Marist) 20:30.1
25-Jackie Bunce (Marist) 20:30.6 (21:29.61)
26-Sydney Sericolo (Siena) 20:35.3
27-Emily Franko (Marist) 20:39.3
28-Jessica Howe (Marist) 20:47.7
29-Taylor Mueller (Marist) 20:48.9
30-Sara Morrissette (Fairfield) 20:49.4
31-Katie Kern (Fairfield) 20:54.3
32-Alli Bacher (Hofstra) 20:55.2
33-Mahlan Givehand (Hofstra) 20:56.4
34-Olivia Lappas (Marist) 21:01.9 (20:18.29)
35-Lizzy Peper (Marist) 21:02.2 (21:36.37)
36-Jillian Baldassarre (Iona) 21:04.1
37-Irene Garidas (Hofstra) 21:05.0
38-Jaime Durso (Marist) 21:09.5 (21:02.70)
39-Amanda Sullivan (Hofstra) 21:25.4
40-Julia Wood (Fairfield) 21:27.5
41-Erin Morrell (Siena) 21:30.6
42-Christine Gambell (Marist) 21:42.1 (22:06.39)
43-Shea Foley (Iona) 21:44.7
44-Kelly Russo (Siena) 21:45.9
45-Megan Tidey (Hofstra) 21:54.4
46-Allie Dellicarri (Marist) 22:01.7 (22:44.41)
47-Annica Penn (Siena) 22:02.3
48-Shannon Gildea (Marist) 22:02.7 (22:36.31)
49-Kristen Lancto (Siena) 22:22.8
50-Annie Erikson (Fairfield) 22:23.6
51-Gian D’Angelo (Siena) 22:27.7
52-Charlotte Brunjes (Siena) 22:55.9
53-Ashley Cambiasaca (Fairfield) 22:58.9
54-Marissa Cadieux (Hofstra) 23:19.7)
55-Catherine Ferreri (Marist) 24:20.2 (22:34.25)
56-Kerri Sexton (Iona) 26:06.3
57-Jamie Kanner (Hofstra) 30:02.0)
Women’s team standings
1-Marist 20, 2-Hofstra 60, 3-Iona 78, 4-Fairfield 96, 5-Siena 121